The joy of the traditional brick and mortar music store is the unexpected treasures that are waiting on the other side of the door. We at Midtown Music Shop seek to provide a well-circulated inventory of exotic, vintage and just down-right cool instruments. Midtown Music Shop works to stock the essential tools that any gigging musician might need. In addition Midtown Music Shop acts as dealer for a number of brands that we feel exhibit the quality and value that is expected in a modern music store.


Do you have some old instruments or gear that aren't getting much love these days? You may be looking to sell or trade up, but aren't sure what they're realistically worth and don't want to deal with a bunch of hassle? Bring it by the shop and we'll give you our 2c, for free! Our free appraisal service provides you with essentially three numbers to work with; 1) How much we could pay you today for the instrument, cash. 2) How much we could get for your instrument in a week to a month (most accurate value) and 3) the long-sale, high-end retail value of your instrument. We not only buy and trade gear, but we would also absolutely love the honor of selling your gear, for you -- we love consignments!